Review of Delta Goodrem's single 'Dear Life'

Having achieved multi-platinum-selling status with 8 million records sold worldwide, Australian singer, songwriter, performer and pianist Delta Goodrem is about to release her latest single, Dear Life.

It’s hard not to sing along to Delta’s songs. Whether it’s because of her skilled vocals or truthful and universal lyrics, there’s always a ready connection that keeps her fans coming back for more. Dear Life is a ballad with the same Goodrem vibe that we have come to know and love, however it isn’t as technically showy or autobiographical as a bulk portion of her previous work.

A dramatic strings and piano ensemble opens the piece followed by a reflective hum and the lyrics Time will change you. Nothing lasts forever more; tomorrow’s all we’re living for. Multiple interpretations of these lyrics are possible; therefore it is easy for any listener to personalise the meaning of the song from the get go.

Alternating tenses in the lyrics convey abstract messages from multiple viewpoints. It seems to be part advice, part introspection. One thing is certain – the repeated line towards the end, I’m a survivor, is the most optimistic and memorable statement of the entire song, delivered with great authenticity.

Elegant accompaniment of the piano, strings, guitar and rhythm section allows each word, beautifully sung by Goodrem, to be clearly heard. Even though there are no fancy key changes or extremely high notes, this ballad is a strong and welcome addition to her anthology of songs from the past 15 years, which have provided a soundtrack to the lives of a generation of Australian music fans.

Dear Life will be released on May 6 and Goodrem will be performing her new single at the 58th TV Week Logie Awards in Melbourne on Sunday May 8, broadcast on Nine Network. 

The single was written with Sydney’s DNA, the team who also worked on Goodrem’s Wings, which became her ninth No. 1 single last year.

This review was first published on 2 May 2016 for Amnplify.

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