Hidden in plain view, among a cluster of midrise apartments and construction sites is the Toombul Croquet Club. On a play day, I walked through the squeaky gate, past the carefully tendered greens, and was promptly greeted with a warm welcome. I was lead towards the quaint, historic clubhouse and upon entering the establishment, I immediately felt as if I was at home. Cushions were on every seat, slightly crooked picture frames covered the walls, tinkering spoons stirred cups of freshly brewed tea and not a single cucumber sandwich was in sight.

Gradually, the dedicated and skilled club members introduced themselves, though some were more reticent than others. After my second or third visit, I felt as if I was then part of the close-knit community. Even though the members are of an older generation, their enthusiasm for life and the game is infectious, particularly during tournaments.

Old School Clubbing (2014) is a light hearted photographic essay which celebrates the passion and team spirit of those who play croquet in its various forms, while shedding light on the regular goings on.
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